Our missions

The Association for Nature and Environment Protection was created in 1973 by Charles VIRASSAMY and some ecology experts.


The APNE is the 1st environmental Association that was created in Martinique. We aware of environmental issues and of the damages made to the country. The APNE has led several actions in Martinique and has achieved and allowed several large scale projects  related to the protection of the environment on the island for 40 years. We are acknowledged for the quality of our work.


As a non-profit organization, we have been state-approved in 1976 and we are part of the 4 registered associations in Martinique. 

Here are our missions: 

  • To make every Martinican aware of the necessity to protect our island, 
  • To give our expertise on environmental issues, 
  • To stand up for the environment, 
  • To pass on the values of protection and preservation to the Martinican youth. 



The APNE is involved in several advisory commissions. We give our  expertise and reports according to the law :

  • The Commission of Mines
  • The Local Commission for Nature, Landscapes and Sites (CDNPS)
  • The commission of prevention  for theRegional Agency of Health
  • The Local Commission of Agricultural, Natural and Forest spaces Consumption (CDCEA)
  • The Local Commission of Agricultural Orientation (CDOA)
  • The Local Commission for Information and Surveillance of Waste reception centers and Incineration plants
  • The Local Commission for Hunting and for Wildlife
  • The Commission for surveillance and protection of marine spaces
  • The APNE is a regular board member of the 50-pace environmental protection department
  • The Regional Commission of Biodiversity
  • The Conciliation Commission regarding Town planning
  • Board member of the Conurbation of the Center of Martinique (CACEM)
Brochure APNE
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